Mivida’s green and fully-integrated community celebrates more homeowners moving into their dream homes and organisations starting their operations in the state-of-the-art Business Park. With a fully-operational clubhouse and nursery, the community is well-attended to with 24/7 customer care and dedicated community management and handover teams that are welcoming new homeowners every day.

Uptown Cairo

Uptown Cairo welcomes new homeowners to their dream homes every day, taking pride in its fully living and integrated communities that embrace a lifestyle of vibrant extravagance. Family-friendly living is redefined by ensuring little ones will grow up in a healthy environment that nurtures their wellbeing. The development includes the American International School campus (AIS) and an abundance of sport courts, kids' play areas, pools and game rooms.  The safe village streets are perfect grounds for afternoon bike rides, skateboarding and communal games.


At Marassi you couldn’t possibly wish for more. Slip out for an unplanned meander through captivating backstreets and splendid souks, or pop out for some recreation at the designated village community centres. Marassi’s extravagant retail and entertainment venues are all about exclusivity, originality and serendipity. The quality and international standards employed within everything in Marassi is best demonstrated in the magical Beach Clubhouse and Golf Course & Academy.