Emaar CSR

Participation in community initiatives is an integral part of Emaar Misr’s action policy in Egypt and the company sets goals towards this purpose that go beyond what can be achieved and their impact can be seen in the short term to achieve the goals of sustainable development and change the shape of the communities it operates in. Accordingly, Emaar Misr partakes in initiatives that focus on the individuals and what relates to their lives and directly affect their future in the fields of health and education along with the availability of job opportunities for them and the creation of infrastructure that contributes to optimal access to the services they require in their daily lives. 



Emaar Misr delivers the second phase of Beyout Al Kheir in Luxor, Assiut, Beni Suef, and Sharqiya

Emaar Misr  delivered the second phase of  Beyout Al Kheir Project to deserving families in the village of Al Gharirah, Isna, in Luxor.The second phase targets building 431 housing units in Luxor and Sharqiya, renovating two orphanages in Beni Suef and Assiut, and create sustainable income-generating projects in the targeted governorates.

Emaar Misr has made sure to use environmentally safe materials in the reconstruction of houses, the company also helps residents through income-generating projects, specifically handicraft and trade projects such as supporting carpentry workshops, grocery stores, and stationeries to create a permanent source of income that provides them with a decent life.


Emaar Misr contributes with EGP 140 million to develop Sidi Abdel Rahman Village and provide Covid-19 vaccine

Tahya Misr Fund and Emaar Misr signed an MoU to the Sidi Abdel Rahman village sustainable development cooperation protocol concluded in September 2020, aimed at raising the quality of life for the village residents. The total cost of sustainable development projects in the village is EGP 110 million provided by Emaar Misr. The two sides also signed an agreement to provide Covid-19 vaccine to the poor through Emaar Misr’s contribution of EGP 30 million within President’s Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s initiative ‘We Share for Humanity’.


Tahya Misr fund cooperation protocol

The Tahya Misr Fund and Emaar Misr have signed a cooperation protocol to implement the sustainable development plan in Sidi Abdel Rahman Village in Matrouh governorate, in aims of raising the quality of life, urban, social, economic, and services indexes for the village’s inhabitants.


“Beyout Al Kheir” in cooperation with Misr El-Kheir foundation

In the framework of Beyout Al Kheir initiative, Emaar Misr has invested a total value of EGP 140 Million for the first and second phases of Beyout El Kheir which aims to provide a housing unit for an underprivileged family for each unit that Emaar builds in Egypt in cooperation with Misr El-Kheir Foundation. Emaar Misr finalize the delivery of the first phase and is currently undergoing the second phase. Over 2,000 houses will be restored and 1000 income-generating projects will be created in two years.


Emaar Misr donated EGP 10 million towards Tahya Misr fund to support the all the individuals that were negatively impact by the corona virus

In support of the government’s efforts to fight coronavirus Emaar Misr donates EGP 10 million towards Tahya Misr fund and the medical sector. The donation comes as a response to an initiative launched recently by Tahya Misr Fund, titled ‘We Participate to Overcome the Crisis’, which targets supporting irregular labor and the vulnerable families that were negatively impacted by the economic consequences caused by coronavirus, through offering them food staples and alleviating the pressures of costs of living. Emaar Misr is also assisting the public medical sector, , through the purchase of artificial respirators and medical supplies needed for the treatment of those infected with coronavirus and for the protection of medical staff.


Beyout residential project

Our connection with our customers across the world runs deeper than mere business associations. We are committed to helping shape and build communities, and improving livelihoods and aspirations for the future. Beyout residential project is a social housing initiative that Emaar took pride in building for the underprivileged people in upper Egypt – Luxor The community features 37 homes and a mosque on 41, OOO sq. meters of land.


Solar- Powered LED street lighting solution in Mivida

Emaar Misr has entered into contract with Philips to apply its innovative Solar- Powered LED street lighting solution in Mivida_ This pioneering initiative is dedicated to minimizing carbon dioxide emissions, improving energy efficiency and promoting the concept of sustainability.


Develop employees’ skills working at various levels in the Retail industry in Egypt

Partnering with the American University in Cairo, the Emaar Retail Excellence Program is designed to develop employees’ skills working at various levels in the Retail industry in Egypt. It aims to equip under & post-graduate students with vital capabilities and skills for building a high caliber work force for Egypt’s retail sector. The program has already graduated 65 scholarships & 30 subsidized program students.


Proficiency Training for Employment program in Manshiet Nasser

In partnership with TVET and in collaboration with the governor of Cairo Dr. Abdel Kawi Khalifa, a new Proficiency Training for Employment program in Manshiet Nasser took place This program was designed to help develop youth in the construction industry by training unemployed youth and creating jobs for them.


Fostering the Mansheya Craftsmen

The current political turmoil has forced craftsmen from various industries out of business. In an effort to save and revive those talents, Emaar Misr fostered the Mansheya Craftsmen by exhibiting their beautiful work in its events, as well as using their product for our giveaways.


Feeding around 100,000 individuals throughout the holy month of Ramadan

The annual tradition of giving a bag of food supplies is an act of charity especially during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid celebrations. More than 20,000 bags were purchased and delivered with the help of Emaar employees through extensive researches done by NGOs to ensure they are delivered to the less fortunate families- feeding around 100,000 individuals throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Followed by the initiative of distributing thousands of kahk bores throughout Dewika, Manshiet Nasser, and Sidi Abdel Rahman in Eid.


Retail and Customer Service Academy

Retail and Customer Service Academy Part of Emaar Misr’s vision is to place Egypt on the international map of retail destinations, it therefore hosted a forum titled “Retail Sector Mechanisms: Opportunities and Challenges”. Invited to this forum was world trend watching expert, Dr. Carl Rhode, founder of “Science of Time”, and a professor at the University of Fontys in The Netherlands. As guest speaker, Dr. Rhode, introduced some of the latest trends of retailing methodologies. The presentation was followed by a very interactive panel discussion on opportunities and challenges facing the retail sector in Egypt. The presentation was attended by prominent figures in the field of economics, business, fashion and technology.


Invest in improving public health, bolstering education and developing local economies

With a vision to make a difference, biannual medical convoys are arranged, serving Over 3000 patients. Doctors from all fields are brought in to aid as many of those underprivileged families as possible. From free consultations to free medicines, I-rays and blood tests, Emaar Misr is committed to doing everything it can to make Egypt a better place. In addition, Emaar Offers them disease prevention classes by expert doctors to work on their health awareness.


Raising awareness to support autism

Emaar Misr hosted the Autism Gala Dinner at Uptown Cairo to raise awareness and support autism in collaboration with the Egyptian Autistic Society.


Celebrating the annual Orphan’s day in Mansheyet Nasser

It has been an Emaar Misr tradition to celebrate Orphan’s Day on a yearly basis; hosting children and NCOs in a fun- filled atmosphere full of warmth and compassion from employee volunteers participating in the event with their families. Emaar Misr joined hands with Nebny Foundation to celebrate the annual Orphan’s day in Mansheyet Nasser, bringing smiles to the faces of over 400 children and taking home a heartfelt gift.


Host the burn victims from Ahl Masr at the Marassi Beach

We had the honor to host the burn victims from Ahl Masr for a day full of activities at the Marassi Beach Clubhouse. Ahl Masr are set to become the biggest burn hospital in the region offering medical, psychiatric and social rehabilitation services for burn victims.


Blanket distribution campaigns

To help them face the winter’s cold, Emaar Egypt’s blanket distribution campaigns reached several less privileged communities this December from Cairo to North Sinai, Matruh on the northern coast, and Luxor and Beni Suef in the ice-cold South.


Volunteering to pack food-boxes for poor families

Emaar Egypt residents volunteered this Ramadan to help the Egyptian Food Bank in packing food-boxes for their database of poor families. Through several ongoing initiatives, The Food Bank aims to put an end to hunger in Egypt by 2020.


Distributing thousands of blankets to underprivileged families

The winter season in Egypt is unpredictable and at times can be quite harsh. Many underprivileged families cannot afford the basic necessities such as blankets. In our continuous efforts to support underprivileged families, and our commitment to the communities we serve, Emaar Misr annually distributes thousands of blankets to families in the areas of Manshiet Nasser, El Dweika and Sidi Abd El Rahman.


Lending a helping hand during Ramadan to more than 12,500 families

At Emaar Egypt we believe that an act of kindness and caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to us. We celebrated Ramadan this year by lending a helping hand to more than 12,500 families across the country.


Celebrating the Orphan Day at Uptown Cairo Clubhouse

As with our annual tradition, we celebrated the Orphan Day at the Clubhouse at Uptown Cairo, where we tried to leave our young guests with unforgettable memories and lasting smiles.


Sponsoring the “Dare to Dream” competition through Injaz NGO

Encouraging youth to invest their time and knowledge towards developing innovative business ideas, Emaar has sponsored the “Dare to Dream” competition through Injaz NGO. The competition called out on students from different schools to team up and develop business models to be presented and judged by influential business icons.


Community Relief program

Emaar Misr has touched more than 7,000 lives through its Beni Suef Community Relief program that offers social and humanitarian assistance to the underprivileged. In a span of two years, the program helped improve the educational environment for 350 students in 10 schools, reconstructed roofs and connected water to 300 households, and commissioned 10 medical convoys that covered medical check-ups and surgeries, provided artificial limbs and distributed food to the underprivileged people of the Beni Suef community.


Partnership with Wataneya NGO

EMAAR in partnership with Wataneya NGO, Emaar has set out to promote quality of life for every orphan through the Sanad Orphanage Project by improving quality standards across 10 orphanages in Cairo. The project aims to change the lives of more than 850 orphans and caregivers through renovating, furnishing, maintaining, planting and gardening the orphanages, in addition to creating spaces for growth such as libraries and playgrounds.